Pet Hospice Multidisciplinary Care Team

Peaceful Passing for Pets is home hospice care for pets. It is patterned after the multidisciplinary home hospice program for humans and adheres to the guidelines for veterinary hospice care.

The experienced team of professionals will provide coordinated care for the pet and pet’s family. Our Peaceful Passing for Pets’ Care Coordinator works alongside the Veterinarian and healthcare team. Serving as an extension of veterinarian services, the Coordinator reports to the referring Veterinarian to create the Plan of Care. This coordination of care continues throughout the care of the pet until the pet passes from a natural death or euthanasia.

By training pet owners to provide comfort care for their pets, and by providing extensive support services, the multidisciplinary veterinary hospice team of Peaceful Passing for Pets gives dying animals and the people who love them the opportunity for meaningful, quality time together in a true hospice setting within the home.


  • Primary resource on the pet’s medical condition providing symptom management, prescribing medications, reviewing with staff the pet’s condition and prognosis
  • Along with the Care Coordinator develops a Plan of Care

Care Coordinator

  • Works alongside the Veterinarian serving as an extension of their services and assists in developing a Plan of Care
  • Instructs and trains pet owners and family members in methods they can use to provide care and comfort to their pets
  • Coordinates care and provides support to clients from the initial visit throughout the pet’s dying process and, after the passing of the pet, provides grief support referrals as needed

Social Worker

  • Available to the pet owner and family members for support and counseling and decision making
  • Coordinates community resources
  • Provides counseling for pet family members
  • Offers memorial and funeral preparation assistance


  • Provides spiritual and emotional support to assist pet owner and family members in making difficult decisions.
  • Offers memorial and funeral preparation assistance, including help with planning or officiating at memorial services
  • Offers bereavement services including grief counseling and support groups
  • Remains available for grief support


  • Gives support to pet family through companionship
  • Offers respite for the pet caregiver
  • Assists with other practical, non-medical services


  • Offers nutrition and dietary counseling and education

Complementary Therapists

  • Multiple complementary therapies specific to pet’s needs and caregivers choice to support pet comfort, such as: massage therapy and acupuncture.



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