Can we have in-home hospice care for our pets? Yes.

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Peaceful Passing for Pets® will soon start providing Home Hospice Care, Symptom Management, and Grief Support for pets and the people that love them. We know that end-of-life care goes to the heart and spirit of the bond we have with our pets. We want their last days to be dignified and comfortable and enjoyed as much as possible. The range of professional end-of-life services we offer reflects our vision of providing support for you the pet owner, and the best quality of life for your beloved pet until the ‘last beat of their heart.’ More about us >

Available Now A Caregiver’s Guide to Pet Hospice Care is a resource guide designed with the caregiver in mind to help pet owners and family provide comfort care to pets that have a terminal diagnosis. The focus is on preventing suffering of the pet and empowering the pet owner as they provide care… More about the Book >

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